NaKo/Thicc White Duchess

About - I was never extremely online and I'm trying to be less online going forward. I made this site because of the nature of the internet after HTTP-protocol allowed for consolidation towards those with the most server space/bandwidth. Single sites for everything in the vein of are never the best way to put yourself out there. I might one day upload everything here, in one place, like that, but I'll still use a variety of other platforms as that's the only way to get connected to other people & have people engage/see your content. Thus, I'm forced to have scattered accounts on all these different sites and need a hub-location to organize them all. I'll create more accounts as I create things that need more platforms for their uploading.

I'm independent & have no real direction in my creative output. The internet is just a way for me to organize what I do, uploading is a very "finalizing" activity that really puts a bow and says "FINISHED" at the end of a work, helping me from getting lost in labyrinthes of confusing circular working to no end. I have no love for specific mediums and I am not one to specialize or consider specialization a virtue.


The best way to contact me. I usually prefer Discord, but you can get to me on Discord by talking to me here. I try to use this platform as a journal of sorts. I don't spend too much time on it, but it's the most public face I have.

We Appreciate Power

A blog I made at the beginning of 2019 and have continued updating since. For quite some time it was mainly the place for short essays where I thought aloud in the form of political invectives and repetitious philosophical arguments. I got tired of this for obvious reasons and have since transitioned it to deeper content, short fictions mainly.

Steam Workshop

I made this recently, as I begun to take gamedev more seriously recently. I'm not a very technical person and I'm quite novice when it comes to this sort of thing, so a lot of my work here is very much a work-in-progress. That being said, I believe in learning with hands-on training so I'm not going to be ashamedly hiding my work away until I've passed some threshold of quality.

Midnight Commentaries

Making so many of these silly review site accounts, Goodreads, MAL, Backloggery, I came to realize - there's far more types of media than there exists places to review it all, so why don't I just stanardize the format? It's all the same on my end, a brief paragraph about the text in question. This is a blog I started for that purpose, short reviews of fiction.